01 May 2012


Did you ever think of how much babywearing helps us to be a part of society? Yetersday my family and I attended a rally in federation square. Without our wraps I can't Imagine how we would have been able to attend.

here are some photos of the day.

One of the speeches especially resonated with me. We were reminded that at the very minute we were standing there a baby with a disability was being born. And that baby is as deserving, as important, as special as all the other babies being born on any given day in australia.

I realised then that none of the other babies and children around us were being worn. and that made me feel especially sad. Because the benefits of babywearing are greater by far for those children who are born with disabilities. How much babies who are unable to use one of their senses (hearing or sight) need the extra stimulation of constant touch. How babies who have mobility issues need to get the feel of walking even more than those who will walk and move early.

Then last night I read about a grade 2 teacher in the US who wore one of her students in a carrier so that this pupil, who uses a wheelchair to get around, could participate fully in a planned school excurion and hike through a national park. Babywearing, Childwearing, allowed this child to access an experience that is so often barred to children with mobiliby issues.

Did I ever mention that I love babywearing?

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