26 February 2012

Today is too HOT to babywear

Except that we sometimes need to wear our babies even when the temperature is in the high 30s/low 40s. We can't always spend hot days sitting in a swimming pool, or lying down in an airconditioned room.

There are a few things you can do to help you and your baby stay as cool as possible in the heat.

1) Try giving your child a wet facewasher or an ice pack to play with. a block of ice is also a good idea. Invariably the "toy" will fall between you helping to keep you cool.

2) Try using a thinner wrap, RS or carrier. Linen, solarveil, gauze. Do not even consider a minky lined mei tai!

3) Try a cooler carry. Single layer carries are more breathable than many layered ones. A mei tai tied under Bum might also be cooler.

4) Put yourself and your baby in as few clothes as you can. But remember skin on skin is hot, so keep a layer between you.

5) Carry a bottle of water and pour it over yourself and your baby as needed. for less drastic cooling down, carry a spray bottle and spray rather than pour water on you both.

6) Stay in an airconditioned space as much as you can

7) Shower in a carrier - the best way to cool you both down without removing baby from somewhere they are happy to be

8) If carrying a toddler give the child an icecream. soon you will both be covered with cold wet melted goo.

9) Make sure to stay out direct sun. Hats for both of you, and possibly even a parasol.

Enjoy the heat, winter will be here before we know it.

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