13 January 2012

a rainbow!!

Its been raining alot this summer - which means that there have been lots of rainbows in the sky for us to admire.

So we thought it might be time for another Tinoki Girasol exclusive. This time a rainbow. And diamond weave, because I love the way those wrap.

Last time we gave you a limited palette and asked you to use your imaginations. This time we are looking specifically to have our very own rainbow wrap - so we are opening up the palette of colours available to you.

We're going to give you all one week to come up with your dream rainbow wrap - and then we'll go from there.

As with Avery - the person who designs the winning rainbow will receive a wrap or ring sling in that design free.

So there are your colour choices! Please make sure when you send in your design you include information about which colours you have used in your design. And if you have strong feelings on the perfect weft - please include that information too!

Entries can be sent to sales@tinokislings.com.

happy creating!

Ps we've been asked about using black. Yes, you may use black in your design.

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