01 January 2012

Chanukah with New Wraps

We have just celebraed Chanukah a Jewish festival that falls during december. At Chanukah we light a special candelabra adding one extra candle for each f the eight nights. The miracle that this festival commemorates is that a small jug of oil was found and instead of lasting for one day the oil lasted for eight days. Because of this we eat food that is fried in oil. This year we used a burner on the BBQ and he kids and I made both doughnuts and also latkes, potato pancakes.

One of the customs that has common is to give gifts on Chanukah as well as getting together to light the Chanukiah. I was so excited that in the midst of this festival our latest box of wraps arrived. This was an extra special box for me because it contained my first ever wrap. The Kokadi melody is just about the best wrap for me I have ever seen. It is an aqua blue on one side and cream on the other. Within the blue there is a music staff filled with music notes. Not only is it gorgeous to look at it feels so soft. he Kokadi wraps are made of 100% organic cotton.
The other Kokadi wraps are just as gorgeous.

Check out the full range http://tinokislings.com/category/woven_wraps/kokadi_wraps/
We are also excitied that we will be selling some of the Wearababy.com Girasol exclusives. These wraps are due in near the end of Janurary and we will let you know more closer to the time. Here is a quick peak at one of the wraps we will be getting in

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