14 September 2011

Safety Message

I was really concerned last week when a mother showed me the ring sling she had made to carry her little boy. She had followed instructions from a website, and her finished product was NOT SAFE. Not only had she not been given good advice about the sort of material to use while making a sling, the rings she was using were craft rings.

That is - the rings on her ring sling were not tested and there was no way of knowing that they could hold the weight of her baby without snapping.

Sling Rings are like mountain climbing equipment. If you are going to trust a flimsy bit of metal to hold a person, you want to know it is constructed well. There should NOT be a join visible in your rings. Quality sling rings (like the ones we source from slingrings.com) are made in one piece and are rigorously tested to ensure that they will not snap, bend or break while being used to carry a child.

This is not an isolated problem. Not 10 minutes after seeing the first questionably safe sling, i was shown another, this time one which had been given as a present. again, the rings were craft rings.

Please, if you use a ring- sling, check the rings. Make sure that you are carrying your baby in something safe. Ensure that there is no join in the rings. Please.

And if you would like to make your own ring sling - please buy yourself some real sling rings. You won't regret the extra few dollars.

we have some in stock here, and there are more on the way. Lots of great colours to choose from too!

and a quick reminder that we are sponsoring the cloth nappy hunt this month, and offering all hunters 15% off.

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