28 September 2011

Jewish New Year

Tonight is Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New year.

We've been getting ready for a while. my husband has been blowing the shofar for us every day, my children are watching dvds about the festivals, and we are all helping to cook the special foods.

We are making round challahs, to remind us that the year is round. Golden Tzimmes (or money carrots, as mr Y calls it) to represent the wealth we wish to earn this coming year. dipping apples in honey, for a sweet year, serving pomegranates so that our merits will increase like the number of seeds in the fruit. and eating the head of a fish so that we (as a nation and a family) will be like the head and not like the tail.

All this means that I will not be online from lunchtime today, until Sunday morning. It is not that we are ignoring you! I promise that i would love to be able to send invoices, answer questions, take packages to the post office, but I can't for the next few days. So please be patient with us. I promise that we will respond as soon as possible.

Those of you participating in the nappy hunt, enjoy the last few days! As i can't get online, the discount will continue to work on our site all day aturday, giving you one extra day to take advantage.

Shana Tova U'metuka.

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