02 August 2011

World Breastfeeding Week, Feeding in a sling part 2.

I've had all sorts of good intentions of making some new videos, especially some videos showing people how to feed in a sling. However, as the saying goes, intentions have taken me no-where. So instead I'm sharing some slightly dodgy photos taken with a Pineapple BB-sling and our trusty demo-doll Noki.

The carrier I have found easiest to feed in is a ring sling. At least in the early months I prefer to feed in a more traditional cradle position, and find upright feeds too fiddly. In a ring sling I can move my baby into a cradle position to feed, and then easily shift her back to an upright position once finished.

Here the baby is in an upright position, with knees spread into a froggy position. I always prefer legs out in a Ring Sling, from day one.

Still Upright

carefully loosening the rings, only the top rail needs to be adjusted.

Take baby's legs and move them so that they are both out the same side.

Here baby is in an 'upright' cradle position, head on the opposite side to the rings.

lift up your top to provide access to the breast

If you are feeling self conscious, and your baby doesn't mind, you can use the open tail as an extra cover

all finished, baby back in a more upright position.
We never recommend a cradle carry for any time other than when you are actually feeding because it is harder to ensure that the baby in an optimal position. To make sure the baby's airways are clear please ensure that they do not slump into a chin-to-chest position, and that they are supported across their backs. for more safety information see here.

We'd love to hear from anyone who has fed in a carrier, which carrier you found easiest and when and where you used them.

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