03 August 2011

World Breastfeeding Week, Feeding in a Mei Tai

When Mr K (now 3) was 9 months old I decided that the carrier I was using everyday was boring. I felt like I needed a change and so I did some research and bought a Mei Tai. I cannot tell you how glad I was about this purchase, especially as I found out that I was expecting again just about then, and within weeks of confirming my pregnancy I could no longer comfortably wear my structured carrier.

One of the great things about my Mei Tai was how easily I was able to Breastfeed in it. The week after it arrived we went to see the penguin parade at Phillip Island and K fed through the whole thing, snug and warm in the Mei Tai. And nobody knew what was going on.

I don't have actual photos of me feeding in a Mei Tai, but I've taken some today using N's baby doll (Noki has gone for a walk in the garden, will hopefully find him tomorrow). Baby is slightly smaller than a newborn, so please imagine this scenario with a larger child in the mei tai.

Baby on front, head high up above breast height (kissing position)

loosening the shoulder straps and wriggling baby to sit lower

helping baby to adjust, and latch

Happily attached and sucking loudly (may not be visible but my children are audible)

Readjusted back to a kissable height, mei tai re-tied

So, to feed in a mei tai all that you need to do is loosen the shoulder straps, lower the baby, retie so the baby is safe in the lower position, help baby attach, go about your business, and then raise the baby back into a kissable position after finishing the feed. Easy!

If you have Photos or questions, we'd love to hear from you. please comment below or email.

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